Why We're Here


Connection is why we’re here… it gives purpose to our lives. We're all worthy of love, friendship and a feeling of belonging. By living wholeheartedly, we are capable of this connection.

With that in mind...

  • This is a "home" where ALL Rincon Valley Christian School Graduates, Teachers and Honorary Alumni can easily reconnect with their fellow Eagles as well as make new connections.
  • This is a resource and tool where any alumni can easily plan a get-together, class reunion, or multi-year reunion.
  • This is an information site that will tell you the latest school news regardless of where you live in this world.
  • This is a forum where brothers and sisters in Christ can support and share with one another.
  • This is a place that will hopefully encourage you to give back to RVCS and its community not only via your treasures, but with your time and talents as well.
  • With YOUR help together we can accomplish this as we move forward and keep soaring.

RVCS Alumni Association ...

Come Join Us!